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Will eats: Hickory House

front door of hickory house restaurant in aspen, bear statue on roofReview of Hickory House Aspen
By William K.
July 2012

Hickory House is a totally authentic Aspen restaurant . a real joint where you can kick back, eat some ribs and watch the game on a giant flat screen T.V.   Located on the S curve on West Main Street in Aspen, Hickory House boasts they serve the best ribs in Colorado. I will gladly back up their claim. It’s a veritable institution and a favorite among locals and tourists alike, thanks to its sublime food and convenient location. You can’t miss it. Just look for the large log cabin-style building with a bear on the roof and the aroma of BBQ wafting down the street.

Hickory House is a family spot, excellent for big groups. It is one of the few places in town where a table for ten is not an impossibility.  Reservations are not accepted, so expect a reasonable wait on busy weekend nights.

The ribs are the main attraction. They are lean, cooked to perfection in the unmistakable Hickory House barbecue sauce until they taste almost caramelized. The ribs are served with sides of excellent baked beans and cole slaw, creating the perfect combination of tastes—salty, sweet, and creamy. Once you’ve gotten started, it’s almost impossible to stop eating Hickory House ribs. They are completely addictive.

If ribs aren’t your thing then go for the pulled pork sandwich made with tender, roasted pork served on a warm toasted bun, accompanied by some truly outstanding French fries. If none of this appeals. have a go at the barbecued chicken, a fine vehicle for the signature barbecue sauce, or the substantial burger. Highlights on the dessert menu include the banana cream pie and the brownie sundae, but sweets are not the strong suit here.

Hickory House serves the kind of breakfast you fantasize about. Don’t come looking for organic oats and a green smoothie. This is a breakfast fit for a lumberjack. The pancakes are large, served in a stack and demand copious amounts of maple syrup. The French toast alone can hold you until dinner. This is the breakfast you  eat before lounging for hours on a deck chair with the newspaper, not before biking up the Pass.

Hickory house has plenty of outdoor seating with a nice view of Main Street. Takeout is an excellent option when the place is packed during high season. There’s a relaxed bar scene with a good selection of beers on tap. Serving  breakfast, lunch and dinner year round,  Hickory House never closes during the off season.

– William K.

William, a self -trained epicure and sophomore at Aspen High School, has been an Aspen resident for five years. A native New Yorker, William honed his young taste buds in fine eating establishments throughout lower Manhattan. When not eating (or writing about eating), William can be found playing his guitar or throwing a mean fastball. Writing for eatAspen is the perfect intersection of his favorite interests—good food and the written word.

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