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Now I am going to set my personal reservations aside concerning the 14th of February. They have something to do with natural organic moments of romance… It can be nice to dine out on Valentines day.. Let me think of some of the most romantic Aspen Restaurants… Hmmm….
The Pine Creek Cook House is pretty romantic… more so the sleigh ride through the Upper Castle Creek Valley to the cabin…
One of the private rooms at Kenichi is romantic, as your enclosed within the paper walls, sitting upon cushions on the floor. Can you reserve one of those rooms for two? Surely if you spend enough…
The Library at the Jerome would be a nice romantic spot to start the evening with a cocktail.
Syzgy can be quiet romantic on an evening with a touch of jazz.
Not that any of the other fine Aspen Restaurants will not supply that touch of ahhh…. It is something that you will really find anywhere when your together… Right?

Two Aspen Restaurants that are offering special Valentines Dinners are
The Century Room at the Hotel Jerome
Plato’s Restaurant at Aspen Meadows

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  • February 12, 2009 - 4:17 am | Permalink

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I sure hope to make it to Aspen someday and experience all the wonderful places you mention!
    And a link in your blogroll? I’m honored 😉

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