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Tanuki's Magic Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Yea it’s a mouthful to pronounce but we can’t wait to touch it to our lips.  Aspen sushi restaurant Kenichi creates it’s own sake.

“Kenichi is pleased to in introduce its own Kenichi label Saki, Tanuki’s Magic Junmai Daiginjo.  In 2007, Kenichi partners Bil Rieger and Scott Brasington traveled to Japan to find the ultimate sake to perfectly pair with the diverse and delicious flavors of Kenichi’s cuisine.  A search from Hokkaido to hiroshima and many shuzo (breweries) in between ended with one sip of this clean and boldly elegant Junmai Daiginjo sake from a small, ancient brewery in the Eastern Hills of Kyoto. Perhaps only one half of one percent of all sakes brewed in the world qualify as Junmai Daiginjo grade, meaning the special rice has been polished until the kernel is at least 50% polished away, allowing brewers to work with the most preferred core of the rice.  That night Bill and Scott celebrated with their new Toji (sake brewer), Mr. Hirano of the Higashiyama Shuzo brewry, at a local Izakaya and toasted to their good fortune-“To Tanuki!” then, they realized they had the perfect name for their sake. Tanuki, a mischievous Japanese folklore character, is known for fun filled nights and an undeniable love of sake-perfectly aligned with the fun vibe synonymous with Kenichi!”

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