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Syzygy Sizzle

With new Executive Chef Tom Fritz in the kitchen, Aspen’s Syzygy restaurant has added a little comfort to it’s high culinary practice.  Diners can expect to find beautifully prepared dishes with a touch of familarity.

Take for example the Shrimped Wrapped with Dover Sole ($34), Fritz’s take on the classic southern dish of Shrimp & Grits.  Three jumbo shrimp wrapped with filet of sole, covered in a brown citrus sauce & served with a beautiful artichoke barigoule & chanterelle mushrooms atop creamy organic grits. Oysters Rockefeller is represented by 1/2 Dozen Broiled Oysters ($12) with Manchego Cheese & Piquillo Mignonette.   The Buffalo Carpaccio ($18) twist is the pairing with panna cotta, a better known sweet, turned savory w/ roasted garlic.  Risotto the comfort food of an Italian upbringing, is a Rosemary Shellfish Risotto ($16) with a lobster broth, asparagus, & crispy rock shrimp.  And the french fry is completely reinterpreted with the creation of the Crispy Portobello Mushroom Fries ($8) served with basil aioli and sweet pepper sauce.

Over all, the Chefs at Syzygy are working on making fine dining approachable to everyone through the use of simple flavors and recognizable ingredients, combined to make elegantly plated dishes anyone can relate to.


Tian of Jumbo Crab


Portabella Fries


Dover wrapped Shrimp


Buffalo Carpaccio


Pacific Snapper


Shellfish Risotto

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