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Justice Snow’s welcomes FIRST WORD, the Roaring Fork Valley’s first and only Youth Poetry Slam Team, to the Poetry Brothel on Wednesday, August 10th at 8pm. FIRST WORD poets have won several regional poetry slams and gained critical acclaim for their honest, raw, and thought provoking spoken word. The Poetry Brothel will be in the Parlor at Justice Snow’s and is free to attend.

Members of FIRST WORD performing on the 10th include Alyssa Szczelina, Haley Ameral, Julia Lee, Kyah Green and Owen O’Farrell.

“Spoken Word is a powerful and meaningful art form,” says Julia Lee. “How often is it that you get to hear the raw scribbles of someone’s soul, to listen to something so intensely poignant?”

“The reason I have chosen poetry as my means of self expression above all other art forms is because of its gritty stinging rawness and it’s gripping beauty. Words have the power to tear people apart and build them right back up again, and that amazes me. I wanted to use the magic in my truth and in my words for the purpose of making people feel something. The ears must accept what the mind already knows, the truth. And the truth is what I will speak,” says Alyssa Szczelina.

Owen O’Farrell adds, “Poetry, to me, is a gateway to the innermost workings of my mind. It is a way to oil the gears as it were, and touch base with what’s true.”

Justice Snow’s invites everyone to come out to support these young artists. Audience members are also encouraged to bring their own works to read during the open mic portion of the evening. There is no cover charge for the event, but guests are requested to RSVP to (970) 429-8192 as limited seating is available.

FIRST WORD is a youth group open to all poets aged 13 to 21, free of charge. Their mission is to encourage young people to find their authentic voice and express their truth about how they experience themselves and the world they live in. During the summer the group meets at Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale on Wednesdays at 1:30PM. Once school begins FIRST WORD will meet at Steve’s Guitars on Mondays from 4PM on. All young poets are invited to stop by and participate or just observe.

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