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Mobile food carts are popping up around Aspen.  It’s great to see.  I know that it is not easy getting approvals through the City of Aspen and established Aspen restaurants in commercial space may not be completely on board with the idea but if we really want to make Aspen more “affordable” as discussed in our marketing efforts by both the Aspen City Council and the Aspen Chamber Resort Association, then cheap eats on the street is the way to go.  Don’t worry Aspen won’t turn into Mumbai anytime to soon just because we have some mobile food units.  I do remember a few years back when the City put the kabosh on the peddling ice-cream girl. A sad day for the “funky” in Aspen, but now is the chance to turn the corner.

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The most significant of the street food carts is “Craving” serving sausages and other products sold at the Aspen farmers market.  This is a great idea and in essence has been needed at the Aspen Saturday Market because it’s easy to work up an appetite while shopping but there have never been any substantial ready to eat foods until now.  His domain though is restricted to Saturdays during the market.  You can find him set up in the grassy space behind City Hall.  The Popcorn Wagon at Mill St. & Hyman Ave. has extended a small operating agreement to “Dennis’s HotDogs”, working from a small cart closer to the dancing fountain. This may however be a temporary engagement, so buy a dog while you can.  And Alas Hawaiian Shaved Iced has made it to the Rocky Mountains.  There is a Shaved Ice stand setting up outside the Bidwell Building on the corner of Cooper Av. and Galena St. by the Radio Board Shop, opposite Paradise Bakery.  This is a great move because we all know how crazy Paradise Bakery can get on summer evenings while there is Music Students “Busking” on the Paradise Corner, they actually needed an overflow venue.

We are hopping for a few more Aspen Street Food Carts to come.  Time will tell.

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